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Social Psychology

We are spending two days on social psychology. Big names for this topic are Heider, Zimbardo, Milgram and Asch. There are a lot of videos for this topic…so you’ll need to open this at home.

Powerpoint is here

Review of the Bystander Effect –> Fewer people help if others are seem available

Asch Video

Milgram Videos

Pt 1 –

Pt 2 –

Pt 3 –


Sensation and Perception

Today we looked at Sensation and Perception!

Powerpoint is here

Links to cool sites:

Sound illusions –

Optical Illusions –

Skinner’s Operant Conditioning

Today, we are looking at how classical conditioning evolves, by examining two theorists (Thorndike and Skinner).  They took Pavlov’s ideas, and changed them radically.

Here is the quiz we did today to review Pavlov:

Here is the handout for today: Skinner

Here is the powerpoint: operant conditioning powerpoint


Classical Conditioning – Pavlov and Watson

Today, we looked at behaviourism and classical conditioning.  Pavlov did experiments on dogs…and Watson did experiments on babies 🙂

Here are the goods for today!

Handout – Behaviourism

Video – Pavlov


Video – Little Albert

Little Albert

Intelligence Lab in 204

Click me to get the links!  –> Intelligence Worksheet


Today we are looking at Intelligence! Wahoo!

Issues of intelligence are constantly around us – Stephen Hawking (arguably one of the most brilliant minds of our time) even makes a guest appearance on the Simpsons.

Here is another comic about intelligence. 🙂

There is a GREAT article here if you want another source of information:

Here are the goods for today!

Handout – Intelligence

Powerpoint (WAIS, Emotional Intelligence, Twin Studies) – Intelligence PPT

Videos we looked at in class:

Other videos on Savant Syndrome

***There has been debate over whether some information in Leslie’s story has been embellished

~ Miss Teer

Thank you Kat!

This post is devoted to my friend Kat, for creating my WICKED AWESOME header of all the people we are studying in the psych unit!

You rock my world!

❤ Ms. Teer (and by proxy, her class)

Neuroscience Seminars

UPDATED BRAIN LISTS (If you presented late…your info may not be on this list)

Psychology and the Brain – Section 3

Psychology and the Brain -Section 5

The Goods for Today!

1) Handout – The Biology of the Brain

2) Rubric for Performance Task Neuroscience Lecture Notes

2) APA Style Guide in a Nutshell – Would you rather read hundreds of pages, or four pages? This is the best summary I have seen, and you can even take it to university with you! Here is the PDF – APA Guide

Fun Stuff

Just for laughs – Old School –

Neuroscience simplified –> the voice quality is not great, but it is good otherwise

Ridiculously short video showing (in 3D) how neurons work

***Medical videos on youtube might help you learn more about your part of the brain!

Maslow and Motivation – April 07 2010

Here is the stuff from Maslow!

Maslow handout

Maslow Powerpoint

Piaget and Kohlberg Notes

Piaget Powerpoint

Piaget and Kohlberg Organiser

Piaget notes

Videos from class