Neuroscience Seminars

by createyourownimage

UPDATED BRAIN LISTS (If you presented late…your info may not be on this list)

Psychology and the Brain – Section 3

Psychology and the Brain -Section 5

The Goods for Today!

1) Handout – The Biology of the Brain

2) Rubric for Performance Task Neuroscience Lecture Notes

2) APA Style Guide in a Nutshell – Would you rather read hundreds of pages, or four pages? This is the best summary I have seen, and you can even take it to university with you! Here is the PDF – APA Guide

Fun Stuff

Just for laughs – Old School –

Neuroscience simplified –> the voice quality is not great, but it is good otherwise

Ridiculously short video showing (in 3D) how neurons work

***Medical videos on youtube might help you learn more about your part of the brain!